Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the professional backgrounds of your teachers?

Our teachers first and foremost have to have a love and passion for developing children in the early years. They will have degrees or diplomas in Education or Psychology. Some come from other educational systems like Montessori, EYFS, Waldorf, etc but we do intensive training on our program to ensure that they understand its aims and goals and know how to bring it to life so our children are inspired and happy. We also have a full time Head Teacher whose role in the classroom is to make sure that the Teaching team is bringing the program to life. 

Where do your teachers come from?

One of our core values is ensuring cultural diversity is represented across our teaching team. As such our teachers come from all over the world. All have strong English skills and capabilities.

Are your teachers trained on your program?

Our teachers are trained intensively on the program, how to teach it, and how to plan and schedule it. We train twice a year in August and in January. Our Global Academic Director, Jeannine Laubner, does all of the training. Our Head Teachers oversee the implementation of the program, and they spend all their time in the classrooms coaching both teachers and TA’s. As well all of our staff have been trained in Pediatric First Aid and Fire Safety.

How do you maintain class sizes?

We have one teacher and 2 TA’s for every classroom. We also have two TA’s that float between the classes. If a teacher is ill, the Head Teacher takes over the class for that day.

Are they left alone with Teaching Assistants?

Yes, the kids are with the TA’s during teacher breaks and planning time. We also break the children into smaller groups so the TA’s often oversee parts of the program implementation. Most of our TA’s have education backgrounds and we spend a great deal of time training them.

Do all of the teaching staff speak in a proper English dialect?

All of our teachers speak English and most of them have English as a first language.

Who manages the preschool?

We have a Preschool Manager in each preschool.

How many staff do you have and what is the child/teacher ratio?

We have a teacher for every class supported by two TA’s and two floater TA’s. We also have a Head Teacher, Preschool Manager, a Registered Nurse and Admissions Coordinator/Receptionist

What criteria do you look for in teachers?

First and foremost our teachers must be passionate about developing children in our age groups, ages 2 months to 4 years. They must also have backgrounds or experience in education with either a degree or a diploma.

What is the background of your Teaching Assistants?

Most of our TA’s have education backgrounds. We provide constant training and coaching to develop their skills to become more in line with TA standards in the rest of the world.

Do you have a nurse on staff?

Yes, each preschool has a full time Nurse on staff .

What are her qualifications?

Each nurse has a nursing degree from their country of origin.